Policy Experts Catalog

The University of California Center Sacramento (UCCS) is a system-wide program which advances the University’s mission of teaching, research and public service. UCCS accomplishes these goals through an integrated program to train future leaders, address challenging public-policy issues confronted by the nation and state, and carry out the University’s mandate to assist state government.

UCCS seeks to foster communication between UC scholars and state policymakers in all branches of state government, from the governor’s office and the Legislature to various state agencies, departments and commissions. UCCS disseminates the results of policy-relevant research by UC scholars through conferences, workshops, lectures and seminars at its facility in the heart of the Capitol community. To further our public service objectives, we have now prepared the UCCS Policy Experts Catalog.

The UCCS Policy Experts Catalog is organized alphabetically and includes over seventy faculty profiles from across the UC system with expertise ranging from poverty to climate change to the economics of education, and much more.  To request a copy of the catalog please email uccsresearchcatalog@ucdavis.edu.  If you find an expert whose research interests are in alignment with your needs, please download and fill out the request form below. Submit the request form by emailing it to uccsresearchcatalog@ucdavis.edu. You can expect to receive a preliminary response from UCCS staff within five business days.

Please click here to download the request form