"AI in Healthcare: Towards Explainability, Transparency, and Responsible Governance"

Event Date

1115 11th Street, Sacramento and by Zoom webinar

Talk by Dr. Ida Sim, M.D., Ph.D., Professor of Medicine and Computational Precision Health at UC San Francisco (UCSF) and Ms. Cora Han, J.D., Chief Health Data Officer for University of California Health (UCH).

Dr. Sim will give a brief overview of AI and large language models. She will also discuss current thinking around the role of transparency and explainability in AI governance and oversight, and in earning and maintaining trust of various stakeholder communities. Dr. Sim postulates that explainability, in particular, may have less policy relevance than often assumed.

Ms. Han will discuss AI governance efforts across UC Health, as well as state and federal efforts to develop resources for ensuring that AI systems are develop, integrated, and deployed in a trustworthy manner. AI is changing the face of healthcare across University of California Health. As the number of tangible implementations rise, it is essential that development and deployment of tools be done in a safe and responsible manner.

Dr. Ida Sim, M.D., Ph.D. is a Professor of Medicine and Computational Precision Health at UCSF, the Co-Director of the UCSF/UC Berkeley Joint Program in Computational Precision Health, and UCSF’s first Chief Research Informatics Officer. Dr. Sim’s research focuses on technology and policies for large-scale sharing of  health data. She is Co-Founder of Open mHealth, a nonprofit organization that defines an IEEE global standard for patient-generated health data interoperability. She is also Co-Founder of Vivli, the world’s largest data sharing platform for participant-level clinical trial data. Her current research develops new methods for integrating smartphone and sensor data for management of chronic conditions in primary care.

Ms. Cora Han, J.D. is the Chief Health Data Officer for University of California Health (UCH) and the Executive Director of the Center for Data-driven Insights and Innovation (CDI2) at UCH. In her role, she develops and implements strategies for leveraging health data in responsible and innovative ways, and directs UC systemwide health governance initiatives, including the responsible deployment of AI in healthcare. Ms. Han joined UCH from the Federal Trade Commission’s Division of Privacy and Identity Protection, where she played a leading role in enforcement and policy related to health privacy matters and speaks frequently on the topics of data privacy, data governance, and AI as an adjunct faculty member and guest lecturer.

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