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West Village and Zero Net Energy Communities: Lessons from the field

Sep 05, 2012 from 11:30 AM to 01:00 PM (America/Los_Angeles / UTC-700)
1130 K Street, Room LL3
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This the fourth session in a four-part series.

Description: Zero net energy (ZNE) for buildings is gaining considerable interest as a strategy to save energy and cut greenhouse gas emissions. A ZNE building is one that uses a combination of improved efficiency and distributed renewable generation to cover 100 percent of its net annual energy use. The California Energy Commission has set goals for ZNE in new homes by 2020 and commercial buildings by 2030 (CEC). The UC Davis West Village is one of the largest planned zero net energy communities in the United States and provides an example for future ZNE developments. To achieve the goal, West Village has implemented aggressive energy efficiency measures and on-site power generation. Energy efficiency measures include solar-reflective roofing, radiant barrier roof sheathing, extra insulation, efficient exterior lighting fixtures, indoor occupancy sensors and “day-lighting” techniques that use 60 percent less energy than standard lighting technology.

This policy forum will ask the following key questions:
1. What lessons might apply for State's goal of achieving ZNE for residential by 2020 and commercial by 2030?
2. What were the costs/savings of efficiency measures?
3. What were the challenges of integrating renewables at community-scale?
4. Transportation/land use planning lessons?

Speakers and panelists:
Anthony Eggert (Moderator) is the executive director of the UC Davis Policy Institute for Energy, Environment and the Economy which is dedicated to leveraging university expertise to inform better policy. From 2007 through 2012 Eggert served as an appointee of Governors' Brown and Schwarzenegger in several senior policy positions overseeing clean energy and environmental policy development for California including Science and Technology Policy Advisor to the Chair of the Air Resources Board, Commissioner for the California Energy Commission, and Deputy Secretary for Energy Policy of the California Environmental Protection Agency. Prior positions include advising the University of California on federal energy and climate policy, directing research on low-carbon fuels and vehicles at UC Davis' Institute of Transportation Studies, and as an engineer and then manager for Ford Motor Company.

Sid England is Assistant Vice Chancellor for Environmental Stewardship and Sustainability at UC Davis and has worked on campus planning issues for 25 years. His office coordinates campus sustainability programs including efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and waste generation. A member of the West Village project team since its inception, he co-leads the team striving to achieve Zero Net Energy. Sid is the project manager for West Village Energy Initiative grants from the California Energy Commission, California Public Utilities Commission and U.S. Department of Energy. He also has a lead role in the Smart Lighting Initiative which aims to reduce energy used for campus lighting by 60 percent and the Renewable Energy Anaerobic Digester which will generate electricity from campus waste. He also oversees environmental planning and natural resource management on the UC Davis campus. A UC Davis graduate (Ph.D. in Ecology), Sid teaches an introductory birding class through UC Davis Extension.

Jordana Cammarata is a Senior Regulatory Analyst in the Demand Side Program Branch at the California Public Utilities Commission. She is involved in the oversight of the Investor Owned Utilities commercial energy efficiency programs for existing buildings and new construction. She is also engaged with the implementation of the California Energy Efficiency Strategic Plan, and launched the Zero Net Energy (ZNE) Action Plan for the Commercial Sector.

Dave Ashuckian is the Director of the California Energy Commission’s Energy Efficiency and Renewables Division. The Division is responsible for developing energy efficiency standards for Title 24 and Title 20 building and appliance standards as well as compliance and enforcement of those standards. The Division also is responsible for renewable resource development including providing incentives for renewable facilities, certifying renewable facilities eligible for the RPS, tracking and verification of renewable energy output, and overseeing the RPS for publicly owned utilities.
Dave’s experience includes ten years at the California Energy Commission serving as Manager of the Electricity and Natural Gas Analysis Office, Advisor to Commissioner Boyd, and Supervising Electric and Alternative Fueled Vehicle Development programs. Dave is a Registered Professional Engineer and graduated with a Second Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering and Bachelor of Arts from California State University, Sacramento.

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