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Folder for holding event registration forms.
Title Type
Create New Event with Registration Form Folder
John Rieth Form Folder
UC Center Sacramento Undergraduate Research Showcase Form Folder
UC Center Sacramento Undergraduate Research Showcase Form Folder
New Election Laws Form Folder
"U.S. Federal Fire and Forest Policy: Emphasizing Resilience in Dry Forests" Form Folder
“Working Around the Law: Navigating Legal Barriers to Good Work with a Criminal Record” Form Folder
“Intended and Unintended Effects of the War on Poverty: What Research Tells Us and Implications for Policy” Form Folder
“The Economic Returns to Delayed Aging: Promises and Pitfalls” Form Folder
“Increasing On-Time High School Graduation Rates in L.A.: What Works at What Cost? Form Folder
“Effective Preparation: Evaluating Preschool Education Programs” Form Folder
Undergraduate Student Research Project Presentations Form Folder
Capitol Insights Panel: “Addressing the Opioid Crisis in California” Form Folder
The Impoverishing Effects of Federal Immigration Policy in California: Psychological, Social, and Economic Conference Form Folder
All the President's Tweets: Social Media and the New Political Rhetoric Form Folder
K-8 Programs to Reduce Achievement Gaps: What Works Best? Form Folder
Social Democratic Capitalism: How to use Government to Make Lives Better in a Capitalist Economy Form Folder
“Incarceration and Family Life in the United States: Implications for Policy” Form Folder
Mental Health Services Panel “California’s Psychiatric Hospital Bed Shortage” Form Folder
“Can Compact Rail Transit Corridors Transform the Automobile City? Challenges and Opportunities for More Sustainable Travel in Los Angeles” Form Folder
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