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Application Instructions


University of California Center Sacramento

2016 UCCS Housing, Land Use and Development Lectureship and White Paper Competition - Application Instructions

  1. Complete the Cover Sheet with identifying information, including broad problem to be addressed and proposal title.
  2. Prepare a Structured Abstract of 500 words or less that addresses questions a-d (allocate a separate paragraph or section to each question):


  1. What is the specific policy question that your proposed Lecture and White Paper will address? In what ways is the question important, timely, or controversial?
  2. How (by way of background, prior research, policy experience, or other factors) are you particularly qualified to address this issue?
  3. In the proposed 5000-7500 word White Paper (to be prepared by the winner of the competition and due by late August, 2016), what approaches will you take in addressing the question?  Specifically, how will you integrate existing, high-quality published evidence (including, if relevant, cross-state comparisons) with your own original theoretical or empirical work to generate policy recommendations that are credible, defensible, and acceptable to the public?
  4. The Public Lecture (to be delivered in December 2016) will be attended by members of the public and the policymaking community across the political spectrum and is intended to stimulate broad debate about the featured topic.  Please identify two State political officials (elected or appointed) who you would recommend as “Respondents” to your Lecture, giving reasons for your choices. (The actual Respondents, to be selected by the UCCS Real Estate Policy Lectureship Steering Committee, will speak for 5-10 minutes about implications of the Lecture for State policy.) 


  1. Include an abbreviated CV or Biosketch of no more than two pages.
  2. Send the completed Cover Sheet, Structured Abstract, and Biosketch as attachments to an email addressed to no later than midnight on Wednesday, April 13, 2016.
  3. Further information on the Bacon Public Lectureship can be found on the UCCS website at  


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