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UCCS Housing Lectureship and White Paper Competition





The UC Center Sacramento is pleased to announce the new UCCS Housing, Land Use and Development Lectureship and White Paper Competition, focusing on evidence-based public policy as it relates to real estate in California.  This program is made possible by a generous gift from the Center for California Real Estate, an institution dedicated to the advancement of real estate knowledge.  The purpose of the program is to encourage faculty from a broad array of fields stimulate evidence synthesis and creative thinking around the pressing public policy problem in real estate.  The winner of the competition will deliver a Public Lecture at the Center at the end of Fall Quarter, 2016; prepare a short White Paper and Policy Synopsis that the Center will disseminate broadly; and receive travel support, editorial support, and a research fund totaling up to $15,000.

Proposals are due by midnight April 13, 2016 and should address key public policy questions related to real estate.  Examples of topics for the program include (but are not limited to): 1) housing affordability and finance; 2) real estate issues related to land use, urban planning, and transportation; 3) quality-of-life within communities as it relates to housing, land use, or urban planning; 4) “inequality of place” (spatial inequality) as affected by real estate-related policy); or 5) public investment in education and the impact on homeownership. Outstanding proposals will explain why the specific issue or question chosen is timely and important; describe how the final product will integrate the available evidence with the faculty member’s own insights and/or primary research; and suggest how policymakers can make wise decisions in the face of insufficient or conflicting evidence. Proposals that encourage faculty-graduate student collaboration are highly encouraged.

Members of the State Legislature and/or Executive Branch officials will participate in the Public Lecture as presenters and reactors. All full-time UC Faculty (Senate and Federation) are eligible to apply.  Application instructions are available on the UCCS website (

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