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Capitol Insights

The UC Center Sacramento has established a special public policy forum, Capitol Insights, as part of its ongoing mission to foster communication between UC scholars and state policymakers in all branches of state government. Capitol Insights is dedicated to shedding light on California’s most-pressing public policy issues.

Image from the Catastrophic Risk Panel


February 10, 2020: Capitol Insights Panel Discussion: “Immigrant Youth Facing Challenges: How Developmental Science Can Guide Policy Making in California”

October 17, 2019: Capitol Insights: “Vehicle Miles Traveled in the Age of Amazon and Uber”

March 5, 2019: Capitol Insights Panel Discussion: “How Can We Maximize Schools’ Effects on Positive Development in Adolescence?”

February 19, 2019: Capitol Insights: “Cannabis is Legal in California. Now What? Implications for Public Health, the Economy, and the Regulatory Agenda”

October 9, 2018: Capitol Insights Panel: “Pathways to Universal HealthCare”

August 28, 2018: Capitol Insights Panel: “The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act: How California has Responded and Could Respond”

May 30, 2018: Capitol Insights: “Addressing the Problem of School Violence: From Schoolyard Bullying to Mass Shootings”

February 28, 2018: Capitol Insights Panel: “Addressing the Opioid Crisis in California”

November 2, 2017: Capitol Insights: “At UC Center Sacramento Panel Discussion Soaring Drug Prices: Consumer and Clinician Perspectives and Policy Options”

October 19, 2017: Capitol Insights Panel Discussion: “Homelessness in California: Causes and Solutions”

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