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Frequently asked questions



1. What is the purpose of the Bacon Public Lectureship?

The purpose of the program is to engage UC faculty in articulating evidence-based solutions to critical problems facing California.

2. What policy areas are of interest?

In 2016-17, the Selection Committee will entertain proposals focused on Childhood Poverty, Civic Engagement and Clean Energy.

3. Who is eligible and what is the application process?

Any full-time UC faculty member (Senate or Federation) is eligible to apply.  Application materials are available here. Required application materials include a Cover Sheet, a 750 word abstract outlining the proposed approach to the policy problem, and a Brief Biosketch.

4. What is the size of the award and what are the deliverables?

The faculty member whose proposal is selected will receive a stipend of up to $10,000 to cover costs of research, travel, and editing.  A 5000 word White Paper and 2 page Policy Brief is due by early October, 2016.  The White Paper will be peer reviewed by scientific and policy experts.  The faculty member will deliver the Bacon Public Lecture in February, 2017 at the UC Center Sacramento.  The faculty member will spend the remainder of the afternoon and the following day interacting with officials from the Legislature and Executive Branch about evidence-based policymaking in their field.  UCCS will provide assistance with dissemination of the White Paper and Policy Brief, assuring that the results reach a large policy audience.

5. Who is expected to participate in the Bacon Public Lecture?

The UC faculty member awardee will be joined by one or more public officials from the Executive and/or Legislative branches of government.  The 90 minute program will include the featured lecture, opportunities for interaction with policymakers, and audience discussion.

PDF version of FAQ's click here

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