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Shelly Dieu

STUDENT: Shelly Dieu

INTERNSHIP: Office of Assemblymember Sebastian Ridley-Thomas
INTERNSHIP HIGHLIGHT: "One highlight from my internship was my first day. It was a beautiful day, it was my first time being in Sacramento, and once I got there, my boss greeted me and was like 'alright so just read up on this project I have for you; we'll walk around the Capitol in 30 minutes.' That's when I knew that I was going to like the office. He gave me a tour of the whole capitol and said it was an 'immersion technique'. I love it. After that, they let me go meet with lobbyists to talk about safeguarding California's national parks. So far, it was one of the best first days of work I've had."

FUN FACT: "I like to challenge the system."
CAREER GOALS: "GIS analyst or Public Health researcher/consultant."

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