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Julianne Cravatto

STUDENT: Julianne Cravatto

INTERNSHIP: Office of Senator Ben Allen
INTERNSHIP HIGHLIGHT: "I love how fast-paced my job can get. On my first day, not only did I go on an archive tour, but I also go to sit on the Senate floor and deliver fact sheers to numerous departments. This position constantly challenges me to learn more about the policy issues that are most interesting to me."

FUN FACT: "I love cats. I currently have three, but I will go out of my way on the street to pet a cat. Because of my cat obsession, coupled with my love for coffee, many of my friends buy me cat and coffee paraphernalia."
CAREER GOALS: "I have yet to decide exactly what I want to do because there are a myriad of subjects that interest me and issues that I want to address in my career. So far, I would either like to become a professor in history or political science or work in public policy."

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