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AnaStacy Pian

AnaStacy Pian

STUDENT: AnaStacy Pian


INTERNSHIP: Civil Justice Association of California

INTERNSHIP HIGHLIGHT: "The exposure and breadth of projects I have been able to work on that crosses political, legislative, and judicial realms have been great and I get to work with some of the best in California!"

FUN FACT: "For at least a year, there was a Polaroid photo of Snoop Dogg and I hanging on the wall of the Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles in Hollywood, taken by the manager on my first visit there."

CAREER GOALS: "Initially interested in international policy between the US and Pacific region, I plan to finish law school and work for an international organization. I have recently shifted my interest into more domestic work, especially in the judicial arm of U.S. and California governments."

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