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2018 - 2019 Mini-Series Topics

Pathways to Universal Health Care

The United States currently lags behind other Western countries in providing health care access for all. Currently, two in three Californians agree that the federal government should be responsible for providing health care coverage to all Americans (PPIC, 2017). While public opinion favors universal coverage, how best to achieve this goal remains elusive. This mini-series will explore various pathways to universal coverage – single-payer, Obamacare expansion, establishing public options – while addressing the implications for costs, quality, and access.

California vs. the Feds: Immigration, Environment, and Cannabis

Since the beginning of the new Presidential administration, California has faced federal pushback against state and local laws regarding immigration, the environment, cannabis, and other policy issues. California is currently involved in over two dozen lawsuits with the federal government, bringing the topic of federalism to the forefront. What does the Tenth Amendment – reserving powers not delegated to the federal government to the states – mean in today’s context? What boundaries exist for state autonomy and federal enforcement? This mini-series theme will explore how state and federal relations have evolved over time and how to move forward in specific policy domains in this era of heightened tension.

A Roof over 40 Million Heads: California’s Housing Policy Challenges and Solutions

Most Californians do not need to be told there is a housing crisis in California – they feel it every day. The median home price in Southern California is over half a million dollars and as many as 60 percent of people in several metropolitan California counties cannot afford local rents (LA Times). Rising housing costs have far-reaching consequences, including exacerbating the homelessness problem and increasing pollution and congestion from longer commutes. This mini-series topic will explore causes of housing unaffordability in California – including zoning laws, “nimby”-ism, and taxation – as well as potential solutions. This mini-series is co-sponsored with the Center for California Real Estate.


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