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Interested in applying to UC Center Sacramento?  UC Center Sacramento now uses an online application process!  Please click this link to start your application today! 


*Please note that UCLA students are not able to access the online application portal at this time.  This should be resolved soon. In the meantime, please fill out a PDF version of the application.

Click here for the pdf version. 


If you are unable to use the UC Center Sacramento online application, please complete the PDF version.  


If you have any questions about UC Center Sacramento or applying to our program, please email!  You can also contact your campus’ UCCS campus representative!  Find your representative here. 

UC Center Sacramento students remain financial aid eligible for the term you participate in (quarter or semester!)!  For an estimate of program costs, go here.  Actual program costs will vary based upon student needs.

Your application (online or PDF) should include:

-Completed Application Form

-3 References-One of the three has to be a faculty member, associate instructor, or graduate teaching assistant.

-Resume* (See example resume here)



        *See application form for more details. Recommendation letters are not necessary to fulfill the application requirement. The references that you choose to include in your application should be two individuals (Professors, Supervisors, etc.) who can provide feedback regarding your work or volunteer experience and academic performance.


Program Eligibility

  • - Junior or Senior standing. Sophomores with a B or better in upper division courses (at least two)  may apply.
  • - Transfer students with 1 completed quarter at their UC campus are eligible to apply.
  • - International students and DACA/AB540/Undocumented students are eligible to apply.
  • - 3.0 GPA or above.


Want to learn more? Attend an event on your campus or online. Find upcoming career fairs and info sessions on your campus here


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