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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


1. What are the program requirements?
    • Junior or Senior standing by program start date strongly preferred.
    • GPA of 3.0 or above strongly preferred.
    • Bachelor-degree-seeking student at a UC campus. Full-time, degree-seeking international students are welcome to apply.
2. What is it like to be a UC Center Sacramento student on a weekly basis?
    • Visit our Week in the Life page to see an example of what life is like as a UC Center Sacramento student.
    3. What must be included in my application?

    Refer to our application section. Here is a general overview:
    4. Where do I submit my application?
    5. When is the application deadline?
      • Find application deadlines for the Policy and Journalism Programs here.
    6. How much will the program cost?
      • Find program cost estimates here.
    7. Will my financial aid transfer?
      • Students who have gone through the program in the past have found that the financial aid they received while attending the UC Center Sacramento was comparable to what they received at their home campus.
      • Here are financial aid basics:
        1. UC Davis is responsible for the awarding of aid to the UCCS policy program participants
        2. Students should contact the Federal Processor and add UC Davis school code to the list of FAFSA recipients.  The code is 001313.
        3. Students must inform their home campus Financial Aid office that they will be enrolling at UC Davis for whichever term they choose to participate. This way they do not receive financial aid at both institutions. Campus representatives can be contacted for information on financial aid contacts at home institutions.

      8.Where will I live in Sacramento?

      9. Are there any upcoming info sessions?

      Check out our info sessions page to find out when/where our next info session will be held.


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