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Journalism Program

In the Journalism Program, which is offered in the summer only, UC Center Sacramento students gain the skills of a seasoned reporter while working 24-40 hours per week as interns for media organizations that report on California government and politics. For information, contact A.G. Block, program director, at (916) 445-7300, or email


1. What we offer

  • The skills and techniques necessary to write insightful and provocative stories.
  • Opportunities to publish your work.
  • Experience an intense, two-week reporter’s “boot camp.”
  • Media credentials from the governor’s office and the Legislature.
  • Academic credit that can be used toward graduation

2. COURSEWORK & INTERNSHIP (6 semester units/9 Quarter units total)

(A) Journalism 298: Journalism & Public Affairs (4 semester units): Although the program is designed for undergraduate students, participants will enroll as graduate students in UC Berkeley's Graduate School of Journalism for the summer. This is a two-part course that consists of the following:

        • A intensive two-week summer "boot camp" where students learn what it takes to be a journalist.
        • A seminar series that runs throughout the program where students can network with news organizations that cover local and statewide politics. Topics include source development, ethics, computer-assisted research, interview techniques/rules of engagement and more.

(B) Journalism 197: Internship (1-2 semester units): Embedded in a the same syllabus (the two courses parallel one another), this course is designed to give students credit for the 24-40 hours they work in their internships on a weekly basis.

3. Program dates & Application Deadlines

(A) Important Dates: Visit our Apply to UCCS page for program dates & application deadlines.



The general options are:

(A) Live with other students from the program. Contact Tien Yancy at to set this up if this is your preferred method.

(B) Self-provided housing.

For detailed housing info, go here.


(A) Check out the student-run Journalism Facebook Page to read articles written by past journalism students.

(B) See the past internship placements listed on the bottom of this page.


(A) Costs: The total cost may vary depending on housing arrangements.

The estimated program costs listed below are based on California residency. Non-Californians will need to add nonresident supplemental tuition.

        • Fees (UC Berkeley Summer Session):$2,436
        • UC Berkeley Campus Fee: $147
        • UC Students not registered at UCB for spring 2013: $52
        • Room & Board: $1900
        • Transportation: $488
        • Books & Supplies: $320
        • Personal Expenses: $502
        • TOTAL ESTIMATED COST: $5,845


(B) Scholarships: The Sacramento Press Club offers annual scholarships to deserving undergraduates. These awards may be used to help offset costs associated with the UCCS Public-Affairs Journalism Program, such as fees and housing. For information on available scholarships, go here. For information on scholarship applications and eligibility requirements, go here.


(A) Check requirements

        • Junior or senior standing preferred
        • 3.0 GPA or above preferred

(B) Go to our application section for details.


Additional Info: Recent Guest Speakers & Past Internship Placements.

1. Recent Guest Speakers:

  • Lowell Bergman, Pulitzer Prize and Emmy award-winning producer/reporter, PBS’ “Frontline” program
  • Seth Mydans, South Asia correspondent, The New York Times
  • Lou Cannon, noted biographer of Ronald Reagan
  • Julian Do, co-director, New America Media
  • Neil Henry, Dean, UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism
  • Dan Weintraub, Founding Editor, California Health Report
  • Dan Morain, columnist and reporter, The Sacramento Bee
  • Donna Lucas, former Chief of Staff, First Lady Maria Shriver
  • Mark Paul and Joe Matthews, co-authors, “California Crack-Up”
  • Anthony York, founding editor, Capitol Weekly; reporter, Los Angeles Times
  • William Hauck, president, California Business Roundtable
  • Dan Schnur, former chairman, Fair Political Practices Commission
  • Bill Boyarsky, former city editor, Los Angeles Times
  • Gregory Favre, former executive editor, The Sacramento Bee
  • Butch Ward, former managing editor, The Philadelphia Inquirer


2. Internship Placements: Placements are tailored to students’ interests, skills and background. More (PDF)

  • Orange County Register
  • San Francisco Chronicle
  • Ventura County Star
  • Riverside Press-Enterprise
  • California Health Report
  • Sacramento Press
  • La Opinion
  • The Sacramento Observer
  • Capital Public Radio
  • KQED Radio
  • New America Media
  • Capitol Weekly
  • California Progress Report
  • California Watch
  • Cal Buzz Political Blog
  • Eastern Group Publications of Los Angeles
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