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“I loved the opportunity UCCS provided me with to enter into a professional world with the support of excellent staff. I will count UCCS as one of my most valuable experiences at UC. UCCS has helped me refine my post - graduation plans and helped me jump start a career in journalism.”


“This experience has truly changed my life.”


“I was able to learn with a great deal of independence and autonomy, but at the same time had the benefit of full support and guidance of the UCCS staff, faculty, and my internship supervisors. The UCCS program and the public affairs journalism course, specifically, are great assets to the UC system and I hope it becomes a long-standing tradition for UC students.”


“I have thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to interact with my fellow students from various UC campuses. They have opened my eyes to viewpoints I had not previously considered.”


“Without a doubt, the decision to participate in UCCS has been the most rewarding decision of my college career. Coming from a biology background with interests in environmental policy, I was apprehensive of dedicating an entire ten weeks to learning about different aspects of public policy. Since completing the program I have realized the passion I have for environmental policy and am now planning on pursuing a graduate degree in the subject. As for the classroom experience at UCCS, I have never experienced such engaging discourse at my home campus. The attitude of both the scholar interns and the professors creates an environment that isn't just about learning the material, but truly challenging one another to think in new ways. UCCS truly is the great academic setting that every student dreams of obtaining when they go to college.”


“I consider my time at UCCS to be an extremely valuable and influential part of my overall undergraduate education. The students, professors, and faculty at UCCS were extremely supportive and genuinely interested in the subject matter at hand. I found this passion to foster an environment which challenged the artificial boundaries separating academic, professional, and political worlds. Overall, the unique, supportive, and collaborative atmosphere of UCCS allowed me to gain valuable insight into public policy in general and a deeper understanding of the issues I study in particular.”


“One of the best experiences of my academic career.”


“I learned more about myself and the professional world in my summer here than I did in any of my other classes and even than in my experiences abroad.”


“It was a great experience. I developed a greater interest in government at the state level and also got to do meaningful work for my internship.”

“Working with UCCS was fantastic. Working in the Capitol was one of my best memories of college. Being able to participate in writing and analyzing policy was incredible.”


“The Center represents a commitment to strengthen the attitudes and values of young adults as we ponder entering public service.”


“As a political science major who wants to enter public service as a primary career, the UCCS program was the best possible training and development that is possible. I learned more about how public service and the state government operated in the one quarter at UCCS than I did my entire six quarters at my home campus.”


“I enjoyed all aspects of the UCCS internship program. I learned a lot through my internship, and ended up working at the same agency after graduating. The experience I gained made me a successful candidate when applying to graduate school.”


“From the people you meet, to the places you intern, from the events that UCCS hosts, and the overall experience of being in Sacramento for three months, this program is a must for anyone wanting to be involved in government, and, in my opinion, in the legal world. It truly does give you a sense of direction as to where you want to go after college and in addition, shapes you into a becoming a better student, worker, and a better human being. I can't thank everyone there enough for what I've learned there and what I have been exposed to.”


“UCCS is an excellent program that … changed my life for the better because it gave me a unique opportunity to serve the public. This program is so good because it gives University of CALIFORNIA students an opportunity to participate in California decision making.”


“The UCCS Scholar Intern program was one of the most educational experiences in my undergraduate career. I was exposed to a wide range of public policy issues and policymakers, and the experience raised my awareness and enhanced my knowledge of the issues that are affecting us as Californians. Academically, I benefited greatly from the program. The structure of the program allows each student to focus on an issue of their choosing, research and write an extensive public policy paper on that issue, and then conduct an oral presentation on our findings. Not only did I realize that I was capable of writing a 25 page research paper, but I was able to practice and improve my public speaking skills. Furthermore, it was great to interact with some of the brightest students from each UC campus. It was a turning point in my academic career and influenced my decision to pursue law school. All in all, the UCCS program is one in which any University would be proud of and UC students are lucky to have the opportunity to participate in such a solid program.”


“My experiences with UCCS were, hands down, the best experiences I received during my time at the University of California.”


“Life-changing. I was in my last quarter of college and didn't know what I was going to do with my life afterward. UCCS gave me the opportunity to work in a field I love and develop skills I will use the rest of my life.”


“UCCS was the highlight of my college career. Prior to the program I had little interest in public policy. After the program I immediately sought out a position with a state senator. The program gave me the confidence I needed at the time to pursue bigger goals during and after college.”


“If I had not participated in UCCS in my final quarter of college, I would not have pursued a career in public policy. My excellent, productive experience at UCCS was the single greatest contributing factor in my choice of a career. Now that I work in the Capitol, I was able to request and hire a UCCS intern for my office, and I am proud to say that she is one of the brightest, hardest working, most consistent interns we have had.”

“UCCS was the best educational experience I've ever had. I learned more in one summer at UCCS than I did in four years of undergrad. UCCS should be a model for how to effectively educate while training students for the real world. It was a very practical experience.”



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