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An experiential internship is the most important component of the UC Center public policy program. To this end, UC Center faculty and staff work closely with students to ensure that internship placements meet the goals and interests of each student.

Nearly every policy issue may be explored through an internship: K-12 education, higher education, health care, civil rights, agriculture, water resources, environment and environmental justice, criminal law, public safety, poverty, immigration, corporate, technology, privacy, animal rights, small business, taxation, international trade, U.S.-Mexico relations, Second Amendment rights, political reform, foster care and other children’s services, energy, child abuse, women’s rights, legislative reform, local government, veterans affairs and fiscal reform – to name but a few.

These pages are designed to give students a quick idea of potential internships. Some pages are dedicated to specific policy areas; others to institutions, such as the Legislature and the governor’s office. Most of these offices have hosted a UCCS intern in the past.

As a student, take time to explore the possibilities. Check out website links. Think about your career goals and what kind of internship experience might help you frame or achieve those goals.

Keep in mind that not all internships are available in a given quarter. As part of the placement process, UCCS staff contacts each office each quarter to determine, in advance, who can host an intern.

Learn about the placement process and internship venues below:

The Placement Process

Internship Venues

Guidelines for Internships

See below for examples of past internship placements:





Executive Branch



International Affairs



Local Government


Politics & Political Reform

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