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Where Will I Live in Sacramento?

Students have a number of options when making living arrangements for their term in Sacramento. Below, we’ve listed several options and resources to help you with your search.


Commuting from Davis

Most students from UC Davis choose to remain living in the Davis area and commute by car, bus, or train to their internships and classes in Sacramento each day.  Students choosing this living option should remember to budget for commuting and parking costs since they are still required to attend all events in Sacramento.


Living with Family or Friends in the Greater Sacramento Area

Some students elect to live with relatives or friends already residing in the Sacramento area.  For commuting time considerations, we recommend that students consider this option only if the potential residence is within 20 miles of the UC Center Sacramento.  Scholar Interns choosing this living option should remember to budget for commuting and parking costs since they are still required to attend all events in Sacramento.


UCCS Housing

UCCS has a limited amount of spaces reserved at the Upper East Side Lofts in Sacramento, CA near Sacramento State University. UCCS students receive quarter- or semester-long leases, depending on their home UC campus.  The 2016-17 cost per quarter with utilities (gas, water, electric, etc.) internet and furniture included is $2,800. The cost per semester is $3,600. UCCS is considered "on-campus housing" for financial aid purposes. Due to limited space, students are unable to receive refunds after committing to housing at UEL. Public transportation to and from downtown is available, though you may choose to commute or carpool with other students. Students will stay in either two- or three-bed furnished unit with all beds in a large, loft-style room. Units also have a living room, a kitchen, one full bathroom, washer and dryer, and a patio.  Please note, items such as kitchenware, linens, toiletries are not included. Space is available on a first-come first-served basis so apply early! 


Finding Housing on your Own

Students may also choose to find and secure housing on their own.  However we discourage this practice due to the additional time required and the financial burden of finding an apartment, negotiating a lease, arranging for utilities, and getting settled.  When researching other options, remember to factor in the cost of utilities, security deposit including first and last month’s rent, commuting, parking, and purchasing necessary furniture and other essentials.  Students can also contact the UCCS staff if they have questions about specific areas or neighborhoods in Sacramento or Davis.  For students wishing to pursue this option, we have provided a few recommendations and resources below:

  • Sacramento Police Department - neighborhood-by-neighborhood crime statistics
  • Sacramento public transportation information
  • - ASUCD Community Housing Listing.
  • - search for apartments, houses, subleases, roommates, storage, and moving services geared toward college students.
  • Nielsen Property Managers, INC.
  • Whisler Land Company
  • Craigslist Sacramento – A great resource for short term sub-leasing opportunities in Sacramento or Davis.  Make sure to check a map when looking for opportunities and insist on a signed sub-lease agreement.
  • CSU Sacramento Housing Referral Service – A free, self-service website maintained by CSU Sacramento that lists housing area housing opportunities.
  • ABODO – ABODO is an apartment search engine that has filters to easily help you find an apartment that fits your needs.
  • - Apartment List delivers a comprehensive set of apartment listings in one elegant interface. By consolidating millions of properties from hundreds of well-known listing services, it uniquely delivers a universe of available apartments in one site, saving renters time and money in their search.
  • RentLingo - A free service that provides unbiased reviews and video tours of every apartment building in the Sacramento area.
  • CADA - Affordable apartments that are beautiful and well maintained. A lively urban neighborhood that is home to the city’s best parks, restaurants and shops. A green-conscious, connected community where work is just a walk, bike or transit ride away.



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