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Campus Representative FAQ's


Application Process
  • UCCS Application Processes Sheet
  • Post-Acceptance - Associate Director receives the application and contacts the student via email approximately 1-2 weeks after receiving their application and will set up a phone interview to discuss internships and other information. Associate Director will continue to work with the student until their arrival.
    1. Associate Director will forward the accepted student's information to the UCD Financial Aid and Registrar's office.
    2. The Financial Aid and the Registrar's office will contact the student via email with information.
  • Meeting the Minimum Requirements is recommended but we have taken student's who do not meet them while taking other factors into consideration. Most commonly it's students with a GPA below a 3.0. A lower GPA should be evaluated on a case-by-case basis, taking into consideration a students academic history, e.g. a student who struggled in the beginning but has since improved vs a student who started off doing well but has been doing poorly. If you need a second opinion, AG is happy to review the application.
Campus Visits-
  • Greg Anderson & Kristen Greenlee, Advising, Program, & Outreach Coordinatosr, will make campus visits for Career Fairs and Student and Adviser Information Sessions. If you have a specific fair or event you would like UCCS to consider, please let us know. Please note that due to budgetary constraints, we need to evenly distribute the amount of visits we make to each campus campus per year.


  • 3.0 GPA or above preferred
  • Junior or senior standing or advanced sophomore. An advanced sophomore is a second year student who has completed at least 1 upper division course with a B or better
  • Graduate students and Recent Grads- Considered on a case-by-case basis. Grad students interested in UCCS should contact Cindy Simmons at to discuss their options.
  • International Students and AB540 students who are degree-seeking UC undergraduates are eligible to apply. Non-residents should be aware that they will need to pay non-resident tuition fees. Those on visas should check with the Residency Deputy on their home campus to make sure they are able to leave their home campus and register in Davis.
  • Graduating Seniors who complete their graduation requirements in spring can participate in the program during the summer but will need to postpone graduation. Students can participate in the commencement ceremony then file for graduation at the end of summer. Students should discuss this option with their academic adviser prior to making this decision.
Financial Aid-
  • Aid During the Academic Year
  1. UC Davis is responsible for the awarding of aid to the UCCS policy program participants. Student's should indicate on their application that they want to be considered for financial aid. This will trigger the UCD financial aid office to consider the student for aid, and they will contact the student directly.
  2. Students should contact the Federal Processor and add UC Davis school code to the list of FAFSA recipients.  The code is 001313.
  3. Students must inform their home campus Financial Aid office that they will be enrolling at UC Davis for whichever term they choose to participate. This way they do not receive financial aid at both institutions.
  • Aid During the Summer
  1. All students for UC Davis will be packaged based on enrollment in UCCS when the Registrar's has their records updated. For students coming from another UC, their files are manually updated for financial aid, only if they have updated their FAFSA to include UC Davis. Please note that summer aid, may be capped. For more information the student should contact the UCD Financial Aid Office.
  2. Student must first have a FAFSA on file –UCD code, 001313, must be listed. It is not too late to add it!
  3. The student is then packaged with Summer Aid and if selected for verification, the Financial Aid Office will send them a notification.
  4. Aid is released at UC Davis on the regular summer disbursement date directly to the student account.
  5. The student should review important dates and information on the UCD Summer Sessions Page and the UCD Financial Aid Office.
        Flyers/Blurbs for your Mailing lists

        Transcripts- As a courtesy (no charge), UCD will automatically send one transcript to the student's home campus. If the student wants additional copies they must order official transcripts.

        UCCS Ambassadorship- UCCS offers all of their program alum the opportunity to earn $250.00 for spreading the word about the program on their home campus after they return from the program. Students are asked to do 5 classroom presentations or help with info sessions. Interested students can fill out an application and should contact Tien Yancy directly for more information. At the discretion of the campus rep, if you hold an info session or event and have the student speak, they can also use this presentation as credit.
        In addition, handing out fliers or helping with marketing can also count. 30 min of support = 1 presentation. Student must be a registered student to participate. Ideally credits should be completed within one quarter however extensions can be made on a case by case basis.
        All students for UC Davis will be packaged based on enrollment of summer session and/or UCCS when Registrar’s has their records updated.  For students coming from another UC,  their files are manually updated for financial aid, only if they have updated their FAFSA to include UC Davis.

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